Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is a sleep study painful?
A. No, the sleep study is not painful. A sleep study is conducted by placing a series of electrodes to the patient. These electrodes are not painful but merely allow us to gather information.
Q. How much will the sleep study cost?
A. The cost of your study varies depending on an individual’s insurance plan coverage. Please visit the Contact Us page and contact the facility at which you will receive service. A representative will gladly assist you. Please remember that any quote of benefits is not a guarantee of coverage.
Q. Can pets and family members come with me to my appointment?
A. Unfortunately we cannot allow pets. Arrangements for family members must be made in advance to make sure we can accommodate them. Family members may not sleep in the same bed with the patient.
Q. What should I bring with me to my appointment?
A. Here is a reminder list for the night of your appointment.

Please Bring:

  • Completed Patient Forms
  • Your insurance card and two forms of identification including a picture I.D.
  • Something loose fitting and comfortable to sleep in, as well as, a robe and slippers.
  • All medications that you are currently taking – (please have them written down prior to arrival)
  • Bring an overnight bag with the items you would normally use for an overnight stay
  • We have pillows; however, please feel free to bring your own to add to your comfort.


  • Questions regarding your medications should be referred to your physician.
  • No nap or caffeine after 12 pm the day of your study. Please eat dinner before you arrive.
  • Your hair must be clean and free of gels and hair spray materials.
  • Smoking materials, tobacco, and firearms are prohibited in our facility.


Q. How long before I get the results of my study?
A. The final report is sent to your physician within 48 to 72 hours of your appointment.
Q. Why do I need another study?
A. In order to complete the study in one night certain criteria must be met. This criteria is established by the AASM and our Medical Directors to ensure that we collect enough data for our patients. For more information, click here.